Malware and Memory Forensics 

This course has been described as the perfect combination of malware analysis, memory forensics, and Windows internals.


Our flagship class takes you on a journey to the center of memory forensics. As one of our students said, if you're serious about protecting your network, you need to take this course. 

Success Story #1

One of our students is named their company's "go to guy" for memory forensics in less than 3 months after taking the course. 

Success Story #2

An alumni of our class made short work of an anti-forensics tool; exposing it in a number of ways, proving the effectiveness of proper training and strong tools.

Success Story #3

A federal agent entered our course with no prior memory forensics experience. He now uses Volatility to crack some of the most critical cases of the decade. 

Success Story #4

Detective Michael Chaves reveals how Volatility Training helped him investigate the "Card Wash" POS credit card breaches.

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The Art of Memory Forensics
The Art of Memory Forensics

Detecting Malware and Threats in Windows, Linux, and Mac Memory

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Volatility Training
Volatility Training

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